Experience Herum\Crabtree\Suntag

Our Summer Program runs from May through August and provides law students with an opportunity to experience a realistic view of associate life at Herum\Crabtree\Suntag. We typically hire two to three second-year law students. Our goal is to recruit the brightest and best law students, to train and get to know them during the summer and eventually hire from the Summer Program. Our Summer Program also provides you a hands-on opportunity to evaluate whether Herum\Crabtree\Suntag is the right place for you.  Herum\Crabtree\Suntag evaluates each Summer Associate based on his or her own performance.  We intend on hiring all qualified candidates who posses the high standards and commitment to excellence that Herum\Crabtree\Suntag maintains.

Herum\Crabtree\Suntag provides challenging, varied assignments that are designed to get you involved with our clients and practice areas both in and out of the office. You will work side-by-side with associates and partners on substantive client work and will have the opportunity to learn about all of Herum\Crabtree\ Suntag's practice areas.  Assignments will come from all attorneys and are monitored by the Summer Associate Mentor so that your workload is manageable and topically diverse. The Summer Associate Mentor works hard to ensure that each Summer Associate works with as many attorneys as possible and experiences a variety of assignments from each practice area.

Herum\Crabtree\Suntag treats its Summer Associates like associate attorneys and thus you will be given a considerable amount of responsibility.  Summer Associates draft motions, complaints, answers, discovery requests and responses; sections of appellate briefs; assist in trial preparation; draft corporate formation documents and conduct legal research. Emphasis is placed on the quality of the work as opposed to the quantity and accordingly there is no set billable hour requirement. We strongly encourage Summer Associates to monitor state and local administrative hearings, trials, depositions and attend client meetings to see their research and document drafting put to use in the business world and courtroom.

Because firm culture and the local community play a meaningful role in deciding on your legal career, we organize various social events to bring the entire office together and to educate you about the local community.  For instance you will have an opportunity to attend a minor league baseball game at the local ballpark that Sports Illustrated glowingly described as the finest minor league ballpark in the nation. Our firm is actively involved in a variety of local political, social and charitable community organizations. As a result you will have an opportunity to interact with community, political and business leaders. We think you'll agree that these opportunities are an important part of your summer experience setting Herum\ Crabtree\Suntag apart from other Summer Associate programs.

For more information about our Summer Associate Program, contact our hiring partner, Dana A. Suntag at