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More Angst As Water Cuts Approach

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North San Joaquin Water Conservation District
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Lodi council to consider Wal-mart supercenter
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Fees Squeeze
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Wal-mart Heading to Planning Commission After Months of Delay
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Wal-Mart Work Still on Hold, Judge Says: Latest Skirmish Over Am Can Supercenter Favors Big Fox Foes
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Ione, Developer Make Peace
Stockton Record - February 6, 1999

Price-Fix Lawsuit Settled: Lodi Beverage Maker Among Firms Benefiting

Bad Roofs Draw Lawsuit: Stockton Homeowner's Complaint Leads to Class Action

Water Suit Can Go Forward

Clovis County Delays Ruling on Walmart Project

Athena Award 2004

Stockton Attorney Honored by Statewide Group

Judge OKs Adalat Settlement

Walmart Ready to Try Lodi Again

Gale Norton Addresses State's Water Issues

Lawsuit Pays Off

Wal-Mart Project Hits Legal Roadblock

Boxer Fears Program Overhaul-Democrat Also Backs Port-Access Funding

Court Grants Preliminary Approval To $75 Million Settlement In American Cemwood Roofing Shakes Class Action

Settlement Worth $107M

Growth Foes Fight Water Sale

Delta Wetlands Project Sets Stage for Suit

Ripon Wins Legal Battle Over Price of Property

Stockton Lawyer Herum Joins Port Commission

Ripon’s Water Gets Two Boosts

Role Of Sematech Challenged: California Company Accuses Nonprofit Austin Consortium of Monopolizing Wafer Market

The Battle Between Sovereign Immunity and State Law Natural Resources & Environment

Stocktonian's Case Now A Class Action: Wood Sealer Allegedly Promotes Mildew Growth

Weyerhaeuser To Pay Out $105M For Faulty Roof Tiles

Women Sue San Joaquin Medical Society: Couple Accused of Sexual Harassment

Project's Demise Would Raise Energy Costs, Lawyers Argue

Lodi Gas Storage Plan Drives Wedge Between Neighbors

Someone Spinning A Fish Tale?

Settlement In Stockton - Spawned Lawsuit

Getting Ahead - Jennifer Scott

Getting Ahead - Karna E. Harrigfeld

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Wal-Mart Plans Argued in Hearing

District 5 Rep Revs Up
California Young Lawyers Association - May 2008

Order Approves $40 Million in Attorney's Fees

Delivery Drivers Sue Over Work Status at Company

Lawyer Reassigned to Water Group

Spanos Plan Raises Questions

Plan to Bring USS Iowa to Stockton is Sinking

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Council OKs Time for Greenbelt Plan

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